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Enrich Your Life by Embracing Your Individuality

Do you find it difficult to accept the person you are? Maybe you feel discomfort about being so different from everyone else. Or perhaps you find yourself similar to others to the point that you believe you're boring. Either way, it's time to recognize that your special variety of character traits combine to create a one and only, very unique you. Although there are many ways to accept and embrace who you are, check out these strategies to open your arms to the amazing individual you are: 1. Take note of your habits. What kind of habits do you practice? Do you floss your teeth every night and consistently wash dishes as soon as you dirty them? Is your bedtime and time for arising always the same? * Understand what's important to you by noticing the behaviors you routinely do. In a sense, your habits are your "trademark." 2. Describe your personality in detail. A wonderful technique for embracing your individuality is to think deeply about the type of person you are. If you had to describe yourself to another human being, what words would you use? * Maybe you're always in a hurry or like to keep a very clean house. Perhaps you have a lot of friends and are quite gregarious. * Write down your description of yourself and be as thoughtful and thorough about your personality characteristics as you can. You're worth the time this strategy will take. 3. What is so great about you? Of course, you have your own special blend of positive qualities, like being a good listener, having a good sense of humor, and being dependable for others. 4. Identify your biggest struggles. What challenges you? If you're ever stumped about how to handle a situation, describe those situations on paper. Getting a handle on what taxes you the most increases your self-awareness. 5. Work to improve how you handle your biggest struggles. Yes, identification is great but tackling each challenge one by one to experience success in those areas is very important to do for yourself. Why? Because you'll see that you can overcome anything you set your mind to. Delve into self-improvement to learn more about the unique person you are. 6. Remind yourself that you're a decent human being. In order to embrace your individuality, you must accept who you are. Learning to love yourself and take yourself as you are is a great aid to loving and encouraging others. Sure, you have flaws, but who doesn't? * Keep in mind that recognizing you're okay doesn't mean you can't work to improve. In fact, accepting your foibles and less-than-perfect characteristics can help you improve. 7. Vow to embrace who you are each morning. It's a new day. You have opportunities to experience discoveries about yourself and who you are. Consider the unfolding day as a venue to keep learning more and more about yourself. Actively work each day to love your individuality. Notice your habits. Stay in close touch with the elements of your personality. Know what is great about you as well as what kinds of things vex you. Embracing your individuality and accepting yourself for exactly who you are will enrich your life in ways you can't imagine.

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