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The benefits of intimate relati0nships

INTIMACY = Into Me You See

An intimate relationship is the one where you feel open and safe to be yourself and can trust your partner to treat you with love, care, and respect.

While cultivating a relationship where you feel comfortable opening up about your challenges or insecurities is not easy it can be extremely beneficial both for your emotional wellbeing and sex life.

A deeply intimate relationship can enable you to:

– communicate your needs & desires

– acknowledge your insecurities around body image, commitment, marriage, children, etc.

– explore your fantasies and turn-ons

– express your fears of judgment or rejection

– openly discuss non-conventional relationship modalities that you might want to consider

– have more emotional closeness (which easily translates into more physical closeness and, as a result, more oxytocin in your system)

Geneen Roth says, “the significance of being intimate is not in finding a body to keep you warm at night or having a companion with whom to share your life; the significance is that in being close, you are thrown back to the time when you decided that being close was too scary, so you folded in on yourself.

When you go back to that time, you give yourself the opportunity to be a child again, but this time with the power of an adult. You learn that you no longer have to hide your feelings to survive. And in so doing, you claim the precious parts of yourself — your trust, your faith, your honesty — that you locked away in a place where they would not be touched by the devastation in your family.

When you allow your pain to be visible, you can give it a voice. And when you give it a voice, you can release yourself from it.”

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